A Pocket Full of Murder with RJ Anderson ~ VSWS #37

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So what does fanfiction, fairies, Canada, and hunting for Windingos have in common? RJ Anderson on The Very Serious Writing Show of course.

RJ outlines for us some of the situations she’s come across in writing, from international publishing to working with secular editors to republishing her work.  This interview is GOLD, I tell you, GOLD!!!!  YOU SHALL BE ENLIGHTENED!  YOUR CHILDREN WILL THANK YOU!  YOUR FRIENDS WILL REVERE YOU!  SMALL WOODLAND CREATURES WILL DO YOUR LAUNDRY FOR YOU-not really that doesn’t actually happen sorry. 

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Okay, I know y’all love a good random comedy episode, but this is solid business information.  Anderson lays out details of publication that I hadn’t even thought about until now.  And this is my blog so I write what I want.

A lot of us don’t like the business side of writing.  We wish it would just go away.  And hopefully that happy dream will happen to some extent once an agent is found to team up with, but sometimes it’s not.

I like to understand the business.  Who here would have thought to ask to retain international book rights when looking at a publishing deal???

RJ managed to be successful with the Brits when her book didn’t fare as well in the US, and the reasons her books succeeded and failed in both are so enlightening.  We have to understand that our books are going to be a part of a lineup, and where we end up on that lineup is going to make a difference in book sales.

I also really am interested in her talk about the market stigma, about Christian vs General market.  I’m not against Christian publishing at all, and I love Christian books, but DANG.

If there really isn’t that much opposition to subtle Christian messaging (which for some of us is the max amount we want) in the secular market . . . maybe that’s where we should be looking.  Maybe the secular market isn’t as anti-Christian as we assumed.

This warrants a heck-of-a-lot more research, because if so . . . we can save ourselves the trouble of trying to break through the wall of Amish Romance and get our wacky, out-there stories published and still maintain our themescapes.  This possibility has me really excited.

Okay okay okay I’m beating you over the head with business.  You ought to take some comfort though in her fanfic stories though.  For real.  RJ is us.  She likes nerding out over Doctor Who and writing fanfic of it, and she’s a published author.  What does this tell me?  It’s the same thing I’ve come to believe from all the other interviews.

The difference between an unpublished writer and a published writer is just that: publication.  Cause Wayne Thomas Batson uses fantasy name generators and RJ Anderson writes fan fiction.

You don’t have to change yourself to become a published author, and likewise, you’re not waiting on yourself to become whatever you think a “real” writer looks like.  You’re already there.

The only difference between you and many of these people is a business deal.  Not to say that the difference in experience isn’t substantial; but it’s not that different from when they themselves got into the industry.

I have friends who have great stories.  I have friends who have alright stories that need more polishing, and are worth the effort.

Keep working on them.  And then shoot for the stars.  Cause I’m starting to believe that the stars are a lot closer to the ground than we think they are.

And now, RJ’S STUFF

KNIFE (Book 1 in Not Just Another Fairy Tale): 

A Pocket Full of Murder